Post-Doctoral position at the Johns Hopkins University in


Radiation Oncology


A Post-Doctoral position is available in the on-going development of a shape, image, treatment planning, dosimetry and outcomes based database for advanced analysis of patients undergoing radiation therapy. The system (Oncospace) provides a framework for assessing the influence of patient information on various aspects of radiation therapy from treatment plan quality to patient outcomes and complications. The ultimate goal is to utilize the database of prior patients to predict treatment related risks and outcomes for personalized radiation therapy of new patients.

Part of this model is changing the culture of clinical practice to one which collects structured data in the routine clinical workflow. The focus of this position will include the advancement of human-computer interface models to improve the capture of structured data and the documentation and communication of the patient encounters in the clinical environment. Improved interfaces for practicing clinician’s presents a great long term need in medicine. This position is an opportunity to work directly in the clinic and assess the utility of various human computer interface models and prototypes.

The candidate will have excellent collaborative opportunities with a diverse group of multidisciplinary researchers from radiation oncology physics, medical imaging, image processing, data mining, database design and analysis; as well as with a diverse of pool of clinical collaborators. The candidate will also have the opportunity to participate and train in the practice of clinical radiation oncology physics.  Primary research interactions will take place within Department of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences ( at the Johns Hopkins University - School of Medicine.

The ideal candidate would have the following qualifications:

This full time position is open immediately.

Interested applicants should send a detailed curriculum vitae and list of (at least three) references to:


Todd McNutt Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Radiation Oncology

              and Molecular Radiation Sciences

Johns Hopkins University



Copies of publications would also be welcome.


Johns Hopkins University is an equal opportunity employer.