Survival Prediction Model for Palliative Bone Metastasis Radiotherapy

This tool can be used at the time of consultation for palliative radiotherapy of bone metastasis to estimate survival time from consultation until death based on patient-specific values for 26 prognostic variables. Patients and providers can use this information to guide decision-making for radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgical interventions in patients with cancer metastatic to the bone.

Please answer the following questions reflecting patient status at the time of consultation. Entries with Required Field symbols are required fields. For non-required fields, leave values blank if the value is unknown, indeterminate, or not applicable.

Age (yrs): Required Field

White blood cell count within 1 month of consultation: in µL (reference range 4500-1100)

Lymphocytes count within 1 month of consultation: in µL (reference range 1100-4800)

Time since initial primary cancer diagnosis : in weeks Question Icon

Gender: Required Field
Male Female

Race: Required Field
White African American Asian Other

Primary cancer site: Required Field
Breast Prostate Leukemias Lung Other

Karnosfky Performance Status: Required Field
100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

Site of current palliative radiotherapy: Required Field Question Icon
Spine Extremity Hip/Pelvis Chest wall Skull

If site of current radiotherapy is the spine, is there radiologic evidence of nerve root, spinal canal, or spinal cord involvement?
Yes No

Was there prior surgery at the current site of palliative radiotherapy?
Yes No

Are there other sites of metastatic disease that are going to be treated concurrently (in non-contiguous fields)? Question Icon
Yes No

Is the patient admitted at the hospital (inpatient)? Required Field Question Icon
Yes No

Is the patient currently taking steroid medication?
Yes No

Is the patient currently taking opioid pain medication?
Yes No

Did the patient receive chemotherapy in the prior 1 month?
Yes No

If so, what was the most recent chemotherapy type? Question Icon
IV Oral Hormonal

Does the patient report any weight loss within the past 6 months?
Yes No

Please select all radiologically-confirmed sites of metastases other than the current site of palliative radiation. Question Icon
Brain Lung Liver Adrenal glands
Lymph nodes Soft tissue Other bone Other sites not specified

Based on entries from 26 prognostic variables, the patient-specific survival curve will be displayed below. This plot was generated using random survival forest methodology for a cohort of 397 patients treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital from 1/2007 through 1/2013 and has been internally validated for this population. THIS MODEL HAS NOT UNDERGONE EXTERNAL VALIDATION. PLEASE INTERPRET RESULTS WITH EXTREME CAUTION WHEN APPLYING THESE DATA TO OUTSIDE PATIENT POPULATIONS. Although our method is generally robust against the effects of missing data, additional caution should be used when interpreting results in the setting of increasing number of missing or unknown values. Results should be used in combination with other relevant details of the patient history, diagnostic studies, and physical exam. This tool does not replace the need for clinical judgment and consideration of patient preference when used to assist in the decision-making process.

I understand these limitations and agree to proceed
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